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Oral Hygiene 300 Years Ago Was ROUGH. Here's Why

Where dental care in the past would certainly have started out as a natural practice, it had to come full circle before arriving at a place where organic material was once again considered the ideal for teeth cleaning.

Aesthetic dental care has come a long way since first evidence of any interest society took in it. In a world of electric toothbrushes, tooth strips, dental floss, whitening strips and LED light dental trays, what could you live without? It’s hard to believe 3000 years ago people were brushing their teeth with twigs.

It wasn’t until around 1950 that the first toothpastes arrived on the market. Some contained chalks and soaps, most came in jars and were only available in powder form. It wasn’t until 1940 that the first tubed toothpaste arrived- and it took until 1945 for companies to stop using soap in their formulas!

Flash forward to the systems we use today, and you’d never once consider brushing your teeth with hard soap. We’re spoilt by a plethora of options that caringly attend to sensitive teeth, organic formulas, whitening formulas, bicarb formulas, enamel filling formals and more… the addition of charcoal to the mix has been important as it provided a simple but extremely effective option for those who wanted the cleanest teeth without chemical interference.

 Tooth Care

Can you imagine a life without such a range? It’s never been easier to achieve a beautiful bright smile- and the odds are that you’ve tried one or many of these options.

If you’re a fan of the latest in teeth whitening and good dental care, 2018 is definitely a good time to be alive! In addition to being highly effective, never have product stringency rules been so strict, or so thorough in assuring purchasers that the products they buy for their teeth and health are made of the best ingredients.

Want a brighter, whiter smile? Whether you’re after natural teeth whitening or a LED light teeth whitening kit, Active Smile products are designed to make you smile…and keep smiling. Featuring fully FDA approved, high potency ingredients, we’re committed to delivering the best, every time.  Check out our range of premium quality products at today!

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