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Extra refills in your Premium Kit Purchase - this is the ideal kit for those who want to stay organized and on track with their lightening journey!

Like to be organised? We make it easy to ensure you’ve got everything covered with our premium teeth whitening kit PLUS another Gel Refill Kit to ensure you can keep up your lightening journey as required!

Want whiter teeth starting today? Our Teeth Whitening Gel Kit will have you smiling.

Have you ever stopped yourself from smiling for fear of showing your teeth? Feeling apprehensive about your appearance can lead to a real loss of confidence. Thankfully, there’s no need to spend hours in the dental chair, or to invest thousands on expensive once-off treatments to correct staining: it’s possible to achieve whiter teeth from home, and to do this without spending a fortune. We want to make it more affordable than ever. Take a look at the teeth whitening gel Australia loves:

For $99.95, our offer includes:
  • 1 Led-Light activator
  • 1 mouth tray
  • 3 Whitening Gel syringes
  • 1 shade indicator guide
  • And 3 further Gel Syringes

Active Smile offers customers a great deal on our high-quality kits that can be safely and successfully used to whiten teeth at home

Want to extend your tooth whitening journey for less?

If you’d like to purchase a tooth whitening kit with extra gel refills, Active Smiles packaged kits offer a reduced price on our two leading products when they’re purchased together.

Tooth whitening has never been easier.

It’s easy to make tooth whitening a part of your daily routine. Our easy and simple to use kits cover tooth whitening at a professional level. Simply fill the base of your dental tray with a minimal amount of high-quality gel, attach the led-light activator to the dental tray and let the brightening begin! Recommended wear time is 30 minutes, but as little as 10 minutes a day can have an impact on lightening your teeth.

Why does dental staining occur?

There are multiple lifestyle activities that can contribute to stained enamel- as we age, our teeth take on the toll of the food and drink we consume. Even the most particular tooth brushing routine is susceptible to staining. Even though dental staining is a fact of life, it is still something you can manage. Whether you are a regular smoker, habitual tea or coffee drinker or perhaps you’d like to start taking better care of your dental hygiene in general, a tooth whitening kit is a great way to develop a stronger sense of confidence when it comes to showing your full smile.

The top reasons for yellowing or discoloured teeth include:
  • The natural ageing process
  • Caffeine use
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • And some medications

Quality assured with our approved formula and products.

We stand behind our high quality. Active Smile offers a money back guarantee for any purchaser who doesn’t see a visible improvement in their teeth after using our product for 30 days.

Are you excited to start working on the smile you’ve always wanted? Don’t put up with feeling self-conscious or embarrassed about showing your true smile any longer - make a move towards a brighter smile now and order your kit today with this great deal on additional Active Smile teeth whitening gel syringes. Australia wide delivery is available on all orders.