Brilliant Teeth Whitening is our mission. Making your smile is our goal.

Active Smile Products

Active Smile started with a mission to make the best teeth whitening kits achievable for everyone. We’ve worked hard to make sure our products meet the high standards you expect when it comes to improving the overall appearance of your teeth and smile. We believe everyone should be able to smile without covering their mouth or feeling self-conscious about the way their teeth appear to others.

Do you find yourself covering your teeth when you laugh or smile? If so, we want to provide you with a real solution that can make a big difference. No-one should have to life their life feeling ashamed of the way they look when they are having a great time.

We bring the best teeth whitening kits to you.

Our products have been designed by teeth whitening experts. We share the same goal: having you fall back in love with your smile. Our goal is to help you achieve the confidence you need in everyday situations, feeling free to smile, laugh and speak freely without cause for concern. No one wants to be distracted from life’s great moments because of yellow, dull or discoloured teeth. We promise to help you on your journey towards smiling without inhibition!

Our range of premium products are designed to achieve the best results possible in an at home tooth whitening kit. While we know that many dental whitening products can cause significant pain and sensitivity, our gel formula prioritises safety and comfort along with results.

Great teeth give the impression of health, youth and vitality. When all this can be shown in your smile, why wouldn’t you reach for the best at home teeth whitening kit possible? Whether you commence your dental lightening journey with natural teeth whitening kits or our premium quality whitening gel, don’t hide your smile any longer- we can help.

Why Active Smile is the first choice in Teeth Whitening

If you’re considering having your teeth professionally whitened, it’s important to know that the best dental whitening kits don’t have to cost the earth. Making an appointment with the dentist for tooth whitening almost always results in spending more than you intended to, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t spend thousands of dollars with costly repeat appointments in the chair - instead, try our high-grade range for yourself from the comfort of your home and during your daily routine!

Take control of your smile!

Do you avoid certain foods to ward of staining your tooth enamel? No one should have to worry about their teeth when they set out to enjoy life’s great moments. Enjoying a red wine over dinner, soy sauce with sushi and your daily tea and coffee shouldn’t need to be avoided - with Active Smile, you’re in control of the colour of your teeth, day in and day out.

Ready to get started on your journey towards brighter, whiter teeth? Reach out to the teeth whitening experts and don’t put up with dull, yellowed or stained teeth any longer. We want to see you smiling and enjoying life as freely as possible. Active Smile offer Australia wide delivery on all of our fantastic products, see them here!