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Teeth Whitening Gels


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Our refill kits will keep you smiling! At just $24.95, you can continue on with your teeth whitening sessions without skipping a beat!

Want to continue to lighten your teeth and brighten your smile? Our Teeth Whitening Gel Refills kit keeps you on track for continuing your teeth whitening routine! The Refill kit comes with 3 syringes of our premium potency gel refills, sealed and stored in the active smile packaging for ultimate freshness.

Want quality lightening gel product to your door? Free and fast shipping to all metro areas means it’s never been easier to continue lightening your teeth from the comfort of your own home!

Why is Our Teeth Whitening Gel so Popular?

At Active Smile, keeping our customers happy is our goal. We’re passionate about making great tooth whitening products made from the highest quality ingredients. When it comes to confidence and reassurance in your smile, we want the best results for you!

Our products have been developed with efficiency and results in mind, making sure the best possible outcomes are yours for the taking whenever you use our products. It’s all about quality and potency in our fabulous range.

Teeth Whitening Gel Refills: Whiter and Brighter every day!

Our enamel brightening gel is the same high-quality formula we sell in our premium kits. We take great care to ensure the highest quality lightening gels across all of our product ranges.

After applying a small amount of teeth whitening gel to the dental reservoir, the gel is trapped in close proximity to your teeth, where it cannot be diluted with saliva through the tray. From here, the gel can get to work, gently activating on the surface of your teeth, without being swallowed away. You should always use your mouth tray when applying our gel refills and take care not to swallow the gel where possible.

Supported by the LED Light enhancer, the gel product engages with the tooth enamel gently, accessing each pore and dissolving the stains you can see when you look in the mirror. While this is a gentle, gradual process, many of our customers see an incredible difference within just 14 days of consistent use. Full instructions as to recommended use are included with each product purchase.

What factors change the colour of our teeth?

We can blame a whole lot of everyday habits on discoloured tooth enamel. Regardless of how consistent we are with brushing our teeth, no smile is immune to staining. In fact, none of us can maintain the pearlescent white teeth we grew up with- and if time alone doesn’t change the colour of your teeth, a general lifestyle certainly will!

Main reasons your teeth may be stained include:

  • Smoking
  • Drinking Tea and Coffee
  • Residual Food and Drink Products (soy sauce, beetroot etc)
  • Inconsistent Dental Hygiene
  • Some medications
  • The natural ageing process

Almost everyone will be able to tick off at least one of the listed reasons above – but none of us wants to see our teeth in a discoloured state. Ready to turn things around?

Professional teeth whitening used to be reserved for the dentist’s chair… but no longer is this the case. New developments in portable dental care mean that you no longer need to spend your hard earned savings and hours in the dentist practice – you can achieve the same results from your home!

Other Active Smile products you’ll adore

We stock a range of oral care products that can get to work on brightening your smile from day one. Select the right product for you from our popular tray kits or organic charcoal kits; we even sell kits that include both!

Our products are inclusive of a range of premium tooth brightening products designed to improve your confidence and boost your smile. Choose from our original LED Light teeth whitening kits, convenient refill packs, or natural tooth whitening with organic, dental grade activated charcoal and bamboo toothbrushes. At Active smile, we know exactly what it takes to get you showing off your smile. See our perfectly priced product range for yourself!

Want the Best Teeth Whitening Gel? Australia, get it Shipped to your Door!

We value excellence in manufacturer quality. Our teeth whitening gel syringes are packaged and sealed with the greatest care to ensure potency during manufacture. We make sure our teeth whitening gel refills reach you in premium condition, ready to go for the brightening, whitening sessions ahead.

Order your smile brightening today!

Across the country, our products continue to satisfy our customers on their unique tooth whitening journeys. We want to make sure our product reaches you fast and free when you place an order in a central area.

Want the best teeth whitening gel? Australia loves Active Smile. If you want to see what our premium gel is capable of, order yours today. See our range of professional tooth whitening gel products here, or for further information, contact our team today.