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Our full kits are a popular choice for anyone wanting to whiten their teeth and improve their smile. Featuring a LEDLight accelerator, 3 premium Gel formula syringes, a full spectrum shade guide and mouth tray, you’ll have everything you need in one kit to get started on a brilliant smile immediately.


Our activated Charcoal tubs are filled with dental grade activated carbon The stylish screw top tubs make keeping your charcoal powder where it’s meant to be easy and you’ll love the free bamboo toothbrush provided.


Want to continue to lighten your teeth You’ll love our gel refill kit, which comes with three premium quality syringes of gel whitening formula, to be used in conjunction with your whitening kit, LED light accelerator and mouth tray.

Active Smile teeth Whitening, Australia loves our products

At Active Smile, we know how much of a difference a bright, white and healthy smile can make. If you’ve been looking for a tooth whitening product that can improve your self-esteem and bring an incredible change to your smile, here it is: Active Smile can boost your confidence, all while saving you money on expensive dental appointments and bringing a smile to your face, every day!

Our Whitening Products Truly Make a Difference

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and felt disappointed by the colour of your teeth, it’s important to know how easy it can be to overcome discolouration. We all deserve to have a beautiful, healthy smile- and it’s never been simpler to achieve one! Our at-home natural teeth whitening kits and LED light kits are designed to make these more accessible and easier than ever- we stock a product line that covers the full range of effective kits, gels and charcoals, all which can help you develop true confidence in a dazzling smile.

Fans of Active Smile love our Easy to Use Kits!

Coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine…we’re all guilty in some way of choosing to consume products that affect the natural beauty of our smile. Most of us would have gorgeous pearly whites if we didn’t have a regular lifestyle, but there’s no need to hold back any more!

Active Smile: The best choice for a healthy, bright smile.

A beautiful smile is the ultimate when it comes to a fresh, healthy look. We believe this should be accessible to everyone, and that they shouldn’t have to spend hours in a dentist chair (not to mention forking out thousands of dollars on in-chair tooth lightening can cost) just to get a better-looking smile. This is why we’ve made our products affordable and effective- many of our fans find they can notice a difference with a single application of our products. It’s simpler than ever to improve your confidence and get a megawatt smile.

Have you put off improving your smile due to over-the-top quotes from a dentist? If you ever wished there was a more affordable way to get a brighter smile that didn’t take up hours in your busy schedule, here’s the answer!
There are lots of ranges on the market that offer super cheap prices for lightening your teeth- but it’s important to know that Active Smile is the real deal. We stand behind our product and we know how much you value your money and time- for great quality products at a price you can afford, our products make the difference.

FDA Approved

Rest assured when you make a purchase with Active Smile. We’re committed to providing the highest level of quality in our products. Our range is entirely approved by the FDA to ensure you receive a safe and effective experience with your at-home teeth whitening kits you shop with us.


Free Shipping to all metro areas

We provide free shipping of all of our products to all metro areas across the country. Should you have further questions about our shipping terms and conditions, please contact our team today.


Money Back Guarantee

We stand behind a great range of products that deliver results. Rest assured with our offer of a money back guarantee on our entire product range. To find out more about our guarantee, see our Terms and Conditions page

Active Smile: Your First Choice for a beautiful bright smile.

Ready for life-changing teeth whitening? Australia is jumping on our offer!

Putting up with yellowed enamel, stains and discolouration is hard work. When the colour of your teeth affects your confidence, you can feel reluctant to smile or laugh for fear without worry. But there’s no need for worry!

There’s a perfect solution for everyone in our amazing teeth brightening range. Don’t delay: the sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be showing off a beautiful healthy, bright smile.

Revolutionary Teeth Whitening? Sydney and all metro areas get free shipping!

Want the ultimate in easy-to-use teeth whitening? Melbourne region and beyond, our products are delivered cost-free in all metro locations. Don’t spend hours in the dentistry chair! To brighten your smile with a killer tooth whitening system – Adelaide, Gold Coast and beyond simply order your kit today! For straightforward and time-efficient results in teeth whitening, Perth through to Brisbane, brightening your smile has never been simpler!

Our Packages

We offer a premium range of natural teeth whitening products, LED light teeth whitening kits, gel whitening kits and solutions right here. Obtaining a gorgeous glowing smile is now achievable from the comfort of your own home!

Whether it’s for LED light kits or natural teeth whitening products, our high-quality range is safe and easy to use. You’ll love to make them a part of your daily routine!

Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

Our Premium Kit is the ideal introduction to affordable teeth whitening. Featuring the LED light accelerator, mouth tray, 3 premium formula gel syringes, and a handy shade guide to track progress, you can’t go past the original!

Special Price $79.00 Regular Price $94.95

Teeth Whitening Gels

Our refill kits will keep you smiling! At just $24.95, you can continue on with your teeth whitening sessions without skipping a beat!

Special Price $24.95 Regular Price $39.95

Activated Charcoal Powder & Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

All the convenience of detoxifying, freshening, brightening and whitening activated charcoal powder in the convenience of a stylish screw top tub!

Special Price $34.95 Regular Price $49.95

Brighter, whiter teeth are only an order away. Join the club of happy Active Smile clients!

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