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The Complete Set


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The ultimate dental care deal! This full-deal kit containing all your favourite Active Smile products - you’ll have a superstar smile in no time!

The fastest way to get the freshest, whitest smile at home, our Complete Set covers all your teeth whitening, detoxing and brightening needs in one. Valued at $180.00, you pay only $135.95 for the entire Active Smile Teeth whitening kit, PLUS an activated organic charcoal powder and our classic bamboo toothbrush. Whichever way you choose to brighten your smile, the Complete Set has you 100% covered!

Active Smile: Looking for a great deal on the best teeth whitening at-home kits?

If you want a tooth whitening regime to smile about, Active Smile offers a great package deal that will have you showing off your pearly whites. Our premium kits offer three of our bestselling products rolled into one home care kit that covers every need when it comes to great oral health - FOR JUST $135.95!

We believe that everyone should be able to smile with confidence.

If you know what it feels like to cover your teeth when you laugh or smile, we want to change that. No one should have to feel embarrassed about smiling or celebrating, so we’ve made sure our great products are available at an affordable price.

What’s in the kit?

Our amazing trio package means you’ll be able to manage your brightening journey in three key ways, with the highly effective at home tooth whitening system, plenty of refills to maintain a lighter shade and premium tooth cleaning care with our activated charcoal powder.

Our top sellers are now available in an amazing deal! For 135.95, you will receive

Teeth Whitening Kit

  • 1 Led-Light activator
  • 1 Mouth Tray
  • 1 Shade guide
  • 3 whitening gel syringes

3 whitening gel syringes

  • 3 whitening Gel refills

Charcoal Powder Kit

  • 1 tub of premium activated charcoal powder
  • 1 free bamboo toothbrush

Using Activated Charcoal Powder

Our charcoal powder is 100% natural and easy to use. For fast and effective results, use the charcoal powder to detoxify, freshen and deep clean the teeth as required. Simply dampen the bamboo toothbrush with water, then dip the damp brush into the charcoal powder and brush as normal, taking extra care not to spill any powder. Brush for two to three minutes, in a circular motion, taking care not to place too much pressure on gums. Spit the charcoal out and rinse thoroughly, checking for any charcoal deposits. You may want to run your rinsed toothbrush over your gums and teeth to make sure all charcoal residue is removed.

Using your Whitening Gel kit

This kit can also be incorporated as part of your daily routine - as little as ten minutes of your time can make a difference. Apply the whitening gel to the mouth tray and secure the tray to the Led-Light activator. The tray is highly portable and can be worn while doing almost anything. Recommended treatment time is 30 minutes, but as little as 10 minutes can make a difference to the shade of your teeth over time.

Searching for the very best in teeth whitening at home? Kits are available now! Order now for the delivery of your Active Smile base whitening kit, refill kit, charcoal tooth powder and free bamboo charcoal toothbrush. Australia wide shipping is available on all our products.