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Restore Your Confidence with a Radiant Smile

Confidence comes in all forms. It’s derived from our individuality, appearance and achievements. Outward confidence is usually perceived as an indication of the way someone feels about themselves and is commonly cited as one of the most appealing qualities one can possess. The human smile is a globally recognised gesture that symbolises goodwill, happiness and pleasure. Our smiles are used on a daily basis to greet, meet and farewell and are typically chronicled in photographs.


With the focus so firmly fixed on our smiles it’s no surprise that the appearance of our teeth has become a contributor to overall confidence. There is no doubt that discoloured and stained teeth impairs our ability to smile confidently. This can in turn have adverse effects on our self-confidence which can affect our mood and mental health.


Tooth discolouration is increasingly common in the 21st century. Modern lifestyle factors such as caffeine, alcohol, smoking and food colouring greatly impair the enamel of our teeth and lead to staining and discolouration. While a regular brushing regime helps to eliminate plaque build-up and maintain our oral hygiene, brushing does little to improve the colour our teeth. This leads to a lack of confidence, with many people ashamed of their smiles.


Stained or discoloured teeth can lead not only to an inability to smile confidently but can inhibit people from speaking and laughing freely. Traditionally teeth whitening has been limited to a dental procedure that costs hundreds and hundreds of dollars, making it inaccessible to most of the population. This monopoly on teeth whitening has been challenged in recent decades by the emergence of home tooth whitening kits that have empowered individuals to regain the confidence to smile freely.


Studies show that the act of smiling is incredibly beneficial to our mental health as it activates neural messages of happiness and joy to our brain and increases our dopamine levels. This leads to a same feeling of joy when we laugh. In fact regular smiling can release as much endorphins as you do after a workout! These feel-good receptors are contagious and can actually affect the mood of those around you.


When you smile at someone their brain automatically signals for them to smile back, this releases serotonin and leaves each party feeling good about the interaction. Similarly it’s well known that part of making a good first impression is presenting a beaming smile. This conveys a sense of confidence and sincerity and in situations like a job interview or audition will make a difference to how you are perceived.         


Modern teeth whitening techniques ensure that you don’t have to choose between a confident smile and the foods and drinks you love. Here at Active Smile we firmly believe that teeth whitening products should be readily available and accessible to everyone. That’s why we formulate whitening solutions that you can apply in the comfort of your own home. Everyone should be able to enjoy a glass of red wine or their morning coffee without feeling guilty or ashamed. Our whitening gels and led light activators will eliminate stains and vigorously treat discolouration, with noticeable results after only a few applications. Restore your smile confidence whilst enjoying the things you love! Our Complete Set Kit comes ready with our whitening gels, activator and back-up as well as our charcoal activated range to give you an all-inclusive method that won’t cost the world!

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