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Consistency Is Key To a Successful Whitening Process

Most of us embark on a teeth whitening journey with a common goal in mind: whiter teeth, a better appearance, an improved smile, more confidence, the list goes on and on. Many of us purchase teeth whitening agents with these objectives in mind and a strong resolve to achieve them. We begin our teeth whitening process, feel good about the results we see but then when the solution runs out, as does our previous resolve. Does this sound familiar? Many people fall off the whitening wagon once their initial solutions runs out. The truth is, while results can often be seen after only a few weeks of beginning a whitening routine, for sustained, managed results, consistency is key. Without pro-longed use, the discolouration will return to your enamel. Here’s how to implement a routine that will last:


Develop a Routine:

Implementing a viable whitening routine, will help to ensure continuity in the long run. Making sure you select a whitening product that is easy to apply on a nightly basis is integral for success. Complicated whitening products will only encourage incorrect use and will invariably make you less willing to engage in it on a regular basis. To ensure consistency, order an all-inclusive pack like the Premium Whitening Kit, so that you have all the tools ready to go.


Be Prepared:

The main problem many run into when implementing a whitening process is the upkeep it takes to maintain the routine. Being organised will ensure that your prepared for when your gel runs out. Ordering a Call For Backup refill kit is the key to sustaining your whitening journey. The refill kit includes 3 additional whitening gels so you can continue your whitening routine with ease.


Track Your Results:

Seeing results is exciting. It’s also the main reason we’re motivated to continue what we’re doing. Once you’ve established a viable routine, it’s time to track your whitening results. Active Smile takes the hard work out of tracking your results with the Shade Indicator Guide. Included in any Premium Whitening Kit, the guide will help to show your teeth’s progression. This helps to get you excited about your results and will ultimately keep you on track to maintain the results.


Whether your just starting on your whitening journey or trying to maintain your results, Active Smile can help. For all your whitening needs, check out Active Smile’s extensive range that includes all you need to obtain and maintain your whitening results.

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