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Activated Charcoal Powder- The Pitch-Black Powder That Knocks Toothpaste Out of the Ballpark.

If you’re a fan of brighter smiles but haven’t yet turned to the marvellous natural teeth whitening powers of activated organic charcoal tooth powder, where, exactly have you been hiding? You’ve probably seen the powder in action on social media platforms over the last few months, with people brushing with the pitch-black compound instead of regular toothpaste - but does it really work? We’re here to tell you it absolutely works wonders for anyone wanting to brighten their smile. Here’s why and how:

Activated organic charcoal is made from the incinerated organic material- ours is derived from natural organic coconuts. When we incinerate the coconut husks at extremely high temperatures, it breaks down into the chalky black compound that makes up most of your tooth powder product. From here, it’s crushed and massaged into the finest, silkiest black powder. The tinier the grains of crushed charcoal, the more ability it has to absorb tiny foreign objects. Think of it as the most detail-oriented, finicky cleaner you ever met.  

After crushing the husks to this fine powder, we then add just a couple of extra ingredients, like bentonite clay, to enhance the texture of the powder, and peppermint oil, to freshen and brighten the breath. When charcoal is used to clean the mouth and teeth, its true ability shines right on through. Used in many medical situations to absorb toxins, this ability makes it ideal as both a breath freshener, teeth cleaner and total mouth deodoriser. When you use activated charcoal and pay particular attention to all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, it’s like a total mouth cleanse.


As the charcoal makes contact with the surface of the teeth, it bonds to soft buildup and other lurking nasties that regular toothpaste can’t grab onto. Rinsing and spitting thoroughly is important- you will want to expel the charcoal and everything it sweeps up with it. Although the powder won’t harm you in any way, (it is very safe to use for pregnant and breastfeeding women) it can stick to the crevices of your mouth, and you might want to run a clean brush over your teeth a couple of times to finish your brightening session up beautifully.

TIP: Teeth feeling strangely squeaky-clean after a good charcoal session? Believe it or not, some people really don’t like this sensation. If this is you, try using a little coconut oil on your toothbrush after rinsing and going over your teeth as a final polish. Gorgeous!

Where most people use their charcoal a couple of times a week at least, it’s fine to use it for more than that if you want to! As an organic and natural product, it’s generally far safer to use than regular toothpaste. However, and as with all products, if you notice a sensitivity, discontinue use and consult your doctor if irritation persists.

Active Smile natural teeth whitening kits and products are made with the highest level of attention in care and quality. For a product, you’ll love and a brand you’ll return to time and time again, be sure to check out the fantastic range of high-quality products loved by fans across Australia. Check it out at

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