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Charcoal Teeth Whitener: The Best Answer to Natural Teeth Whitening

Why is Activated Charcoal The Best Natural Tooth Cleaner on The Market?

If you’ve experienced the detoxifying difference of cleaning your teeth with activated charcoal powder, you’re probably already sold: it’s the best, most efficient, deep cleanse for your teeth you’ve ever tried.

Granted, most of us haven’t really ever cleaned our teeth with anything other than toothpaste, and the mechanical clean you might pay for at the dentist is an experience all on its own. But once you get past the idea of rubbing pure black powdered charcoal onto your toothbrush watching the magic happen, it’s too late: the obsession has been sparked.

Charcoal toothpaste isn’t really a recent thing. It’s probably more so dedicated to the fact that some fairly gorgeous celebrities started touting its benefits, and of course, it took off on jet-streams from there on in. We know it works. We know it’s worth it. But… what exactly is it- and how can you get your hands on it? Allow us, dear reader.

What is Activated Charcoal?

Active Smile Activated organic charcoal starts off as a coconut, swaying on a lonely coconut trunk against the backdrop of an azure ocean and a sapphire sky. While that’s beautiful, it’s not nearly as beautiful as what we plan to do with it, when that coconut gets harvested and incinerated at high temperatures.

Coconut husks make the most effective form of charcoal, a fine, silky, malleable powder which, when added to moisture, clumps in something of a paste. For many decades, charcoal has been used in medical applications, valued for its ability to act as a sponge for foreign particles, toxins and chemicals.

Why is Active Smile formula so GOOD?

It’s true there are lots of different formulas for activated charcoal on the market. You could just as easily pick up a packet of charcoal from TJMAXX and move along, right? Wrong. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind when choosing a formula is that it should be a reputable product that is 100% natural and specifically blended for teeth brushing. Anything less is probably not organic, and not finely milled. Is that such a big deal? It is if you don’t want to damage your tooth enamel.

You may already know that charcoal has been relied on for many years to reverse drug overdoses in individuals presenting with overdose symptoms. That’s much less pleasant than willingly brushing your teeth with our minty, fresh bentonite clay and charcoal powder- but what it does is still amazing.

It’s called adsorption. Which sounds a lot like absorption, right? A little different. To absorb is for a liquid to be pulled inside another liquid or a solid. Adsorption is what happens when toxins adhere themselves to the surface of a solid. That solid is expelled, in this case, by the body’s natural function. If that natural function is, say, brushing your teeth, then charcoal takes everything with it when you spit it out. Sayonara, plaque, build up and odour causing bacteria.

Oh, and on odour causing bacteria, this is good to know: activated charcoal gives a HUGE wallop to bad breath. Its antibacterial properties are a hefty defence in picking up halitosis-causing build up- basically, activated charcoal comes along like an enthusiastic garbage truck driver, taking pretty much everything with it.

One thing to note about charcoal is that it CAN interfere with some medications, including birth control and other important meds. Always, always ask your doctor if you can take charcoal without compromising your current medications.

Using Charcoal for your teeth.

Using activated charcoal can take a little getting used to, but once you’ve seen the difference it can make, there’s no going back. Simply take your dry brush and run it under a cold water tap. Once it’s damp, unscrew your tub of charcoal and sip your brush in. It will pick the charcoal up in a clump. From here, it’s all bravery. You’re going to use it in the same way you would regular toothpaste, except you’re going to look 100% more ridiculous with a mouthful of black foam. It’s worth paying particular attention to the backs of your teeth, gumline and tricky spots to ensure as much build up is reached as possible. You’ll definitely want to rinse and spit at least twice, checking in the mirror to make sure any charcoal you have missed (it tends to collect in corners of the mouth or underneath the lip).

You don’t really need to brush for longer than 2 minutes, and you certainly don’t need to apply more pressure than usual. If you use activated charcoal even once a week, you’ll notice a mild difference overall. Ours is a formula gentle enough to use daily, or as many people prefer, at morning time every two days.

The overall result is squeaky clean teeth- you’ll feel the difference immediately. If you don’t like that super clean feeling, and lots of people find it a weird sensation, a great finishing tip can be a tiny dab of coconut oil applied to the surface of your teeth. Perfection.

Are you keen to find the ideal activated organic charcoal powder for cleaning your teeth? We have several products that may interest you in our online store. Head to for lots more product info and support. 

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