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Activated Charcoal Powder | The All-Natural Way to Brighten Your Smile

The world of dental products is an exhaustive one, especially when it comes to packaged products that claim to do it all. We’re well used to foaming, fluoride-based products that sadly, contain lots of unnecessary foaming agents, synthetics and more- and while lots of these products do a great job of the daily clean, there are some serious flaws to take note of.

If you’re someone who loves exploring the world of natural organic products- and we’re talking about truly effective stand out products, by which the fact that they’re organic and natural is a bonus rather than a feature, there’s one product that stands out in mind. Natural, Organic, Activated Charcoal.

What’s in the Tub?

Not all teeth cleaning charcoal is prepared equally. There are plenty of reasons to purchase cautiously when you buy activated charcoal, and they’re not always obvious to first-time purchasers. Here’s what to look out for when you buy charcoal for teeth whitening purposes.

1.       Fine grade Powder

Some low-quality products claiming to be ideal for dental use are definitely not. It’s important to have a finely milled, silky consistency in a charcoal powder, as the finer the particles, the more effective the adsorption property. You can certainly tell a low-grade powder by inspecting it for lumps and chunks of coarse milled powder which can damage enamel.

 2.       Hygienically Packaged Product

Some charcoal is sold in plastic pouches or unlined cardboard vessels, neither of which are bacteria resistant. Active Smile prioritises your health and excellence in packaging design with a screw top tub that won’t spill and can be airlocked for absolute freshness.

3.       Basic, Simple Ingredient List

You bought a charcoal toothpaste in a tube and hated it? We’ve checked those out too, and there staggering list of ingredients that almost completely defy the purpose and value of a good charcoal product in the end anyway. High-quality charcoal powder is nothing like what you might purchase in a supermarket tube- a great organic charcoal teeth whitening product never has more than five ingredients, each of which you should be able to pronounce with ease!

At Active Smile, we know how important it is to you to keep the smile you’ve worked hard to get. We use only the best quality ingredients and natural organic incinerated and finely milled coconut husks to make our fantastic formula. Try it for yourself and see the difference with a product designed to tick ALL the organic health product boxes. 

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