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Bamboo Brush


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The Humble toothbrush reinvented!

At Active Smile, we’re all about making the most of nature’s greatest accomplishments - if you thought natural activated organic charcoal was an amazing product, then you’re going to LOVE our bamboo toothbrushes. This fantastic product excels on a number of levels.

 Why You Need A Natural Toothbrush

 If you’re starting to see the benefits of a chemical-free mouth care routine, there’s no doubt you’ll want to extend that understanding to a natural toothbrush. For so long, we’ve relied on the standard toothbrush model, and even with all the variations possible, the average toothbrush ends up in landfill and will outlast you and many generations to come - up too 1000 years…eeek!

When you consider the 30 million landfill-bound toothbrushes with the recommendation that your toothbrush should be replaced every three months, it makes sense to find a better alternative that is sustainably produced and doesn’t cost the earth.

Along with ticking all the boxes that an environmentally safe product should, bamboo is one of the fastest growing fibres on earth, and capable of growing up to one meter in a single day. This super-speedy capacity to develop makes it ideal as a material that can stand up to the daily demands of a toothbrush.

What more could you want in a toothbrush?

Active Smile’s toothbrushes are available as a single purchase or in a double up pack at a reduced price. Why not try one for yourself and gift one to a friend to check out too?

What Makes Bamboo So good?

Life without plastics is simply better. Bamboo is a natural textile, so there’s no nasty chemicals like BPA , (which is scarily found in many plastics and known to be very toxic to humans) to be concerned about.

I have sensitive teeth. Is Your Bamboo Toothbrush ok to use?

We offer the dentist-recommended soft bristle strength to ensure a safe, fantastic result every time.

Does My Toothbrush Need Special Care?

Nope! Your bamboo toothbrush doesn’t need special attention- simply store it the way you would store a regular toothbrush - in a cup on your sink stand or in a dry spot where the quality nylon bristles won’t bend. They’re super sturdy and reliable!

How long will my Bamboo Toothbrush last?

Most dentists recommend a new toothbrush every three months. This is important because over that period of time, any toothbrush will start to take on an unhealthy level of bacteria, unless you’ve followed a strict daily sanitisation routine. The bigger problem with hanging onto your toothbrush for longer than three months is that the bristles lose their oomph! Replacing your brush will ensure a great result every time.

Can I use my bamboo toothbrush with regular toothpaste?

Of course you can. But have you tried our incredible natural activated organic charcoal powder? You’ll LOVE it. Simply dip your brush into the powder and polish away for a natural, incredible detoxing and refreshing deep clean that can’t be beaten. They’re the ideal pair!