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Premium Teeth Whitening Kit


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Our Premium Kit is the ideal introduction to affordable teeth whitening. Featuring the LED light accelerator, mouth tray, 3 premium formula gel syringes, and a handy shade guide to track progress, you can’t go past the original!

A formula you’ll love, and an accelerating whitening system you’ll adore, the Active Smile Premium Teeth Whitening Kit is ideal for anyone wanting to try a teeth whitening for themselves. Featuring the mouth tray, LED light accelerator, shade guide, and gel formula syringes, this kit gives you everything you need to get started on the smile you always wanted for a price you’ll love!

This product is not suitable for ceramic and false teeth and for pregnant women - Try our 100 % Natural Activated Organic Charcoal Powder instead

About the Active Smile Range

Don’t Spend $$$ on expensive dental treatments – Active Smile is the perfect Solution!

A brighter, whiter smile appeals to most of us, but it hasn’t always been affordable to all of us. Dental chair laser procedures are expensive, and they’re also time-consuming. If you’re looking for a way to save money and find a way around spending hours of your time on the dental chair, our at-home kits are the ideal solution.

What is the advanced teeth whitening kit?

Our kits include everything you need to achieve a more confident smile today. For just $79.00, the Premium Teeth Whitening Kit includes:

  • 3 formula filled gel syringes
  • 1 LED Light Activator
  • 1 Mouth Tray
  • Comprehensive Shade Guide

Our detailed instruction manual will provide you with everything you need to immediately use your home teeth whitening kit. Simply open your package, check your shade match, apply the gel and pop on the mouth tray - a brighter smile begins from there!

Use your advanced teeth whitening kit anywhere, during your morning routine, your evening routine, and anywhere in between. It’s as simple as squeezing a modest amount of our quality formula directly into the tray and waiting for a brighter smile to develop.

Private, Portable Tooth Whitening Systems You'll Love

Why are our smile brightening systems cult classics? It’s all about quality and convenience: they are easy to use, offering quick and effective results, and take next to no time out of your busy schedule. Some of the reasons people turn to our products for amazing results include:

They Save Time

A brightening session can be slotted into the busiest routine. Plenty of our fans love the convenience our whitening kits offer, wherever you are in your daily routine, you can find time to squeeze in a tooth lightening session!

Easy to Use

Our advanced teeth whitening kits are entirely portable! Take them to the office, on holiday - wherever you are, your tooth whitening kit can be with you. Simply fill the tray with a modest amount of gel, attach the LED light system, pop in the dental reservoir and get to work lightening right away! With Active Smile, you’re free to chill out knowing you’re well on your way to achieving a brighter, more beautiful smile.

They Save Money

Our kits are designed with the goal of making a brighter smile available to everyone - you’ll love our great prices and quality products.

Other Active Smile Products You’ll LOVE

You don’t need to repurchase another home teeth whitening kit if you find you’ve run out of gel syringes – we offer our gel whitening formula in a handy gel refill kit! Simply re-order just before you run out of gel to ensure you can continue your tooth whitening journey without interruption!

Support across the country- Laser teeth whitening, Adelaide, Brisbane and all metro areas nation-wide!

Want a product that really stands up to laser teeth whitening? Sydney, Cairns, Canberra and beyond can now order their own at-home whitening kits for free delivery!

Wherever you’re looking for laser teeth whitening kits, Melbourne or the Gold Coast- if you’re keen to get started on your at-home smile brightening journey, it’s as easy and simple as ordering via our website. At home teeth whitening- Perth metro? No problem!

For those of you who’d like to speak directly with the team before making a purchase, please contact us today.


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