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Activated Charcoal Powder & Natural Bamboo Toothbrush


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All the convenience of detoxifying, freshening, brightening and whitening activated charcoal powder in the convenience of a stylish screw top tub!

Brighten your smile the 100% natural way! Your mouth will discover a new level of squeaky clean with Active Smile activated charcoal powder. The product comes in a easy to use screw top tub, plus a natural and organic bamboo toothbrush. Organic activated charcoal detoxifies the mouth and freshens the breath, attracting bacteria and toxins present on our teeth, gums and tongue. Simply brush as per usual and rinse away dental build up, bad breath and bacteria - all with one simple product!

The Natural, Organic Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Australia loves!

Want a natural and instantly brighter smile? Time to check out the power of charcoal and the incredible whitening properties it offers! Activated charcoal powder for teeth has truly taken off in natural health circles- the numerous fans can’t be wrong - ALL THIS FOR JUST $35.95!

But how can a jet-black powder whiten teeth? It all comes down to the incredible detoxifying capability of this fascinating substance for teeth in organic, activated form.

…Let us explain!

About the Active Smile Charcoal Formula

  • 100% Natural, Organic Formula
  • Brightens and Whitens teeth in under 3 minutes per day
  • Detoxifies Mouth, Brightens Teeth, Freshens Breath
  • Safe to use during Pregnancy
  • Over 100 uses in a 30g tub!

But how does our Charcoal Powder brighten teeth?

Active Smile’s dental grade charcoal teeth whitener powder is made from organic coconut husks, incinerated at a high temperature. The charcoal is ground into the finest silt, where it can be compounded with water to make the most natural toothpaste possible.

Charcoal has natural detoxifying properties, where toxins are absorbed by each charcoal molecule and can simply be spat out and rinsed down the drain. This makes it the perfect material for natural teeth whitening! The result is brighter teeth, where bacteria, food particles and built up residues are gently lifted with the scrubbing power of charcoal, then absorbed by the detoxifying property it possesses. You should notice an immediate difference in your teeth, and a certain freshness in your breath that toothpaste alone just can’t provide.

Teeth brightening with activated charcoal powder for teeth is safe, easy and effective!

To use our activated charcoal tooth powder, simply follow these instructions:

  • Dip a dampened toothbrush into the tub. You’ll see the powder clumps to the moisture on the brush. You can tap off the excess, as not much is needed to effectively brighten your smile.
  • The powder does not lather like regular toothpaste, however, simply go about brushing your teeth as you normally would, taking special care to reach all teeth, using a gentle circular motion.
  • Paying particular attention to gums will allow the charcoal to absorb toxins and bacteria that cause bad breath – wherever the charcoal can reach, it will absorb these nasties, so don’t be afraid of a really thorough brushing session!
  • When brushing is complete, simply spit the excess into the sink. You may want to rinse twice to ensure every grain of charcoal is rinsed away.

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